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The Kratos is designed to have a pronounced ‘power hump’ 7 inches from the toe of the bat. It makes maximum use of the available wood to give power in the drive area. The centre spine of the bat is high and curves down to the toe, while the curved hump continues up the bat until about 10 inches from the toe.

The edges are thick either side of the power hump, getting thinner towards the handle, and the weight is controlled by removing some of the wood on both sides of the spine to give a concave shape.

Toe Guard (add 15)
Bat Face (add 5)
Extra Grip (add 5)

Blade Information

When willow trees are bought and clefts are made they're graded on quality. All Swannack bats come in Classic, Elite and Test grade - made out of the three highest grades of timber - because we believe in quality.

The 'Classic' Kratos is made from the finest grade 2/3 English willow. This grade is perfect for someone who is looking to upgrade to a solidly built English willow bat but doesn't quite need a players level quality blade. 


Due to most cricket bats being made to order please allow 2-3 weeks for the order to complete production and ship.

We offer Free Shipping on all UK orders. International shipping will vary according to country, but we endeavour to keep the costs down whilst still providing a safe and swift service. 


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